A Chinese technology firm is creating an online game that lets users play out the plot of movies or games.

    The game, called “Mind Games,” was created by the firm’s China-based subsidiary, “Mindgames,” and launched on Wednesday.

    The game lets users watch the entire movie or game to see who has the funniest line in the film or game, and then they can share that line with friends and share it on social media.

    Players can then take the online quiz to see if they scored the funnier line.

    “We think it will help Chinese people learn more about entertainment and gaming, especially if they’re young,” said a spokeswoman for the firm.

    The firm is developing the app for Chinese users who want to play the games, and it hopes to roll it out to other markets in the next few months.

    The company does not disclose the exact launch date, but the firm says the app will launch in March or April in mainland China.