New York City-based Crossfit, a fitness studio that claims to have a global reach, has launched its UK-focused CrossFit Games.

    The first game, called Crossfit Revolution, is scheduled for release on November 22 and features a competitive Crossfit-style workout system.

    Crossfit Revolution was launched in July and it includes two games.

    The game, Crossfit Evolution, will be a single-player mode and features competitive games for men and women.

    Crossfit Evolve is scheduled to launch later this year in the US and Europe.

    CrossFit Revolution was developed by Crossfit UK with support from the US-based studio Crossfit Fitness.

    Cross Fit Games co-founder David Seaman said in a blog post on Thursday that the company was looking to bring its products to other regions and that Crossfit is the “most popular exercise in the world”.

    He added that the new product would offer a “faster, more enjoyable experience” and that the games would be made available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

    “Crossfit has a long-standing reputation for creating unique and fun fitness-based games and experiences that will have a real impact on the way people move, work and play, while also being an excellent way to learn about fitness and improve their physical and mental health,” Seaman wrote.

    The crossfit game franchise was launched by CrossFit UK, a company based in London. 

    The company is based in the same building as the BBC, and the studio is the brainchild of Seaman.

    It is not the first time that CrossFit has launched a UK-based product, with the studio launching the CrossFit app for iPhone in March and the Crossfit app for Android in October.



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