Game developers Bungie are teasing a sequel to the critically acclaimed shooter game “Destinies” as well as the “Destination” expansion pack “Windhoke.”

    Bungie says the “WindHoek” expansion is “just the beginning,” while the game’s new name will likely be “Destinee,” according to a recent blog post.

    The company also teased “a lot of cool stuff” for “Destinations” expansion.

    GameSpot is covering all of this.

    For now, the new Destiny video game is still a mystery, but it is now known that “WindHoke” is coming.

    This is the second new Destiny game in just a few months, after “Destines” was released on May 5, and Bungie has said that “Destined” is a game that will take the franchise “one step closer to the Destiny we’ve always dreamed of.”