The Hollywood studio behind Marvel’s blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War” has acquired Foxhole, a company that produces board games and other products based on comic books, including a card game.

    The game, known as Captain America: Crossfire, is a collaborative effort between Foxhole and Marvel, with Foxhole taking over the production of the game, the studio said in a statement.

    The title Captain America Crossfire was created by Foxhole’s chief creative officer, Adam Rosenberg.

    It’s an interactive game about playing Captain America and his allies against the forces of Hydra, the organization that seeks to take over the world.

    In the game’s description, Foxhole describes it as a “Marvel-themed card game.”

    In order to play, players will need to select characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The game’s rules are similar to those of a typical Marvel game, with characters from characters from Marvel titles.

    For the first time in a board game, players can also build up their characters and customize them with powers and gear.

    Players will need the game to complete objectives such as killing a villain, completing missions and gaining the loyalty of teammates, the statement said.

    The Foxhole board game has been in development for some time.

    The company had been developing a version of the board game for the first part of 2017, but the game was later delayed, according to the statement.

    Rosenberg, who also works at Marvel Studios, previously worked on Marvel games, including “Captain Marvel,” “Iron Fist,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”


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