I have been asked many times if the Destiny game is even worth $6B.

    I say no, it’s not.

    This game is worth it.

    It is a masterpiece.

    But it’s also worth it for the $600 million in DLC and $1.5 billion in free content that you can get for free from the game.

    I have a friend who plays every single day, so he bought the game for $60.

    He has had his fill of Destiny in the past.

    He now wants more.

    So why do we keep buying it?

    Because we’re not buying the DLC.

    We are buying the game because we want more.

    We want more of this game.

    And it is worth that much.

    We love the game, and we love playing the game with our friends.

    We just want more content.

    We can’t all buy Destiny.

    The average player only gets $60 worth of content, and the DLC is really expensive.

    And then we also need to buy all the DLC to make the game worth our time.

    But I don’t think that’s the case for Destiny.

    It has a story, it has a world, and it has everything that we want out of a video game.

    If you buy the game and enjoy it, you will want to buy more.

    If not, then it doesn’t matter how much you spend.

    And if you’re a hardcore Destiny fan who has been waiting for a good time to finally experience it, this game is a great one to spend the money on.

    It’s a game you want to play, you want the story to make sense, and you want more free content.

    Destiny is a unique experience.

    It was developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

    It isn’t the best game ever made, but it’s certainly a game worth playing.

    That said, it doesn´t mean that it’s worth buying for that $6-billion price tag.

    I think you need to take a look at the numbers.

    If you bought the original Destiny for $30 or $40, you can still buy a game like Halo 5 or Overwatch for $10-$20.

    But if you bought Destiny for a grand, you’d be better off just playing the story, because it’s much more fun.



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