Apple is rolling out a new app that lets you quickly and easily capture and share screenshots of your most-used games, a4 productions games announced Tuesday.

    The new app, called C-Snap, allows you to capture a game’s screenshots in a single tap, with a single click, for a total of five seconds.

    The feature is only available to iOS 4 and below, so it won’t be able to capture screenshots of all iOS 4 apps or all games on iPhone 4s.

    Once you’ve captured a screenshot, you can drag it to your device’s screen and then share it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media app.

    C-Snap has two features that will help you save the screenshots you capture.

    The first is that you can save a screenshot as a JPEG or PNG file, and you can choose whether you want to save it as a single screenshot or as a series of screenshots.

    The second is that C-Snaps the screenshots to the clipboard, so you can easily copy them to a clipboard.

    You can also copy them and paste them into your favorite text editor.

    If you want more control over how you share your screenshots, you’ll be able choose whether or not to share them directly on your home screen, or on a different device, like your iPad.

    The default home screen share option is still on iOS 4.