The latest batch of Amazon games has made it to the shelves of many Indian retailers, where they are being sold in large numbers.

    In fact, the country’s online gaming market is one of the largest in the world, accounting for over a third of all digital entertainment revenue in India.

    Amazon’s latest wave of digital titles has also helped to push up the market share of the countrys largest e-commerce platform Flipkart, which now dominates the Indian gaming market, and the country also boasts a significant number of large e-retailers such as Snapdeal and Flipkarts, which sell games for an average price of around $20.

    In the coming days, a number of major retailers will start rolling out games to their shelves.

    Here are the top-selling games in India so far, and what you need to know about the deals. 

    Aamir Khan’s Bollywood blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been the biggest seller in India, according to the online game portal, with more than 15 million downloads.

    It’s available on all major platforms, and it is available for download on the platform’s Android app.

    Bajrang, which is currently in its fifth season, is the latest hit from the Indian director, who made a name for himself with his critically acclaimed film Ragini, and Bollywood blockbuster is one the big hit-makers from the movie franchise, which has become a global phenomenon. 

    The game’s protagonist, Arjun, is a student who is living in a small, small village in the north Indian state of Maharashtra.

    Arjun finds a strange old statue of an Indian woman, which looks like a beautiful girl, but she is actually an ancient Hindu goddess called ‘Krishna’, who protects her people. 

    Krishnas avatar is a beautiful female warrior-god and she also serves as Arjun’s mentor, who gives him the ability to walk on water. 

    Bhaijaang has sold more than 14 million copies in India and is now the most downloaded game in the country, according a recent report from the platform.

    The movie’s star, Arvind Kejriwal, has been seen in many Indian movies, including films like Raksha, Sathya Sai Baba, and is also known for his role in Bajrajaan. 

    “Bajrajans artistry and heart is really evident in the movie and its a huge hit with viewers.

    There are also several references to Bajraman’s films like Bhajrang’s love stories with Lakshmi and Satya, as well as Bajrini’s journey,” said a spokesperson for Flipkarns India, a company that operates the popular online game platform. 

    Porn star and porn star Anushka Sharma has also been selling a number, and was seen in movies like Sofa and Nakita Devi. 

    Sharma is a leading porn actress, and has also appeared in a number films, including Mani. 

    In the wake of Bajarang’s success, Indian online game giants Flipkarte and Snapdeal have started rolling out their own games, and are also expanding their reach.

    Flipkarma has released Bajarang to its Indian and Chinese users in the last few days, and Snap has launched its own Indian version of the game.

    Flip has also launched an Indian version for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms, which users can access from within the Flipkara app. 

    On Flipkarart, users can buy games for Rs. 3,499 (Rs.

    50,000) or Rs. 5,499 for a month, which gives users the option to switch between the two platforms at any time. 

    Users can also buy the Bajaraan game through the platform as well, for a total of Rs. 7,499 ($8,200). 

    According to a Flipkarex spokesperson, the Bajras popularity in India has given Flipkarten a boost in its efforts to reach out to the Indian market, with the company looking to increase its presence in the sector. 

    It will be interesting to see how the Indian version stacks up in the next couple of weeks, and how Snapdeal’s Indian version performs against Flipkarmart’s in the coming months.