As far as story-based video games go, Destiny is no exception.

    The game, which launched in 2015, offers a story driven gameplay experience in which players will travel through a virtual world to solve a mystery and collect new weapons and gear.

    The player character, who is the main protagonist in the game, is able to make choices and change his or her gameplay to better suit the storyline.

    In Destiny, players will be able to travel through worlds, meet other characters, fight other players, and discover new locations.

    The Destiny story takes place in the first week of September 2017.

    Destiny’s story takes players through the universe that the game was originally created in.

    Destiny 2, Destiny 3, and Destiny 4 are planned for release next year.

    As of this writing, Destiny 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    The Xbox One version of Destiny 2 will not be able a game update due to the console’s update schedule.

    As a result, Destiny’s multiplayer component will not receive a patch until the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are released.

    Destiny players are encouraged to read up on the Destiny 2 update process.

    As it stands, Bungie has yet to announce a release date for Destiny 2.

    The company is scheduled to hold an event on September 17 to discuss the Destiny franchise and its upcoming games, including Destiny 2 and Destiny 3.

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