Mashable – The ads you’ve seen on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all seem to be doing the exact same thing.

    Here’s how to fix them.

    Apple has been quietly pushing out new iPhone ads, as well as other iOS updates.

    They’ve also been rolling out a new game app called “Mashable” that is available for the iPhone, which is the most popular iOS device by a significant margin.

    Apple has been steadily adding new ads for years, so it’s a pretty common sight on most smartphones, including the iPhone.

    It seems like Apple has decided to stop making them and replace them with other ads, but it’s not clear if the company is doing this for the iOS version or if it is just doing this to keep users from switching over to Apple’s iOS app.

    According to a Mashable article, Apple is quietly pushing new iPhone commercials on iOS 7, the first version of the iPhone that Apple released last month.

    This is a bit odd because iOS 7 doesn’t allow ads to be hidden.

    The new ads, which are not labeled with the iOS name, appear to be all in one spot, just above the main app icon.

    The app is also available on the Apple TV, but there is no way to get the app to show up on the TV.

    The only way to install it on the iPhone is to launch the app and go to the “More” menu, where you’ll see the “iOS 7” icon.

    You can also click the iOS 7 icon to install the app.

    The iPhone version will then appear on the home screen.

    To uninstall, click the iPhone icon and select the “uninstall” option.

    There’s no way you can uninstall it on any other device, but this is a nice way to prevent people from trying to switch over to iOS 7 on their devices.