The Art Of Movies and The Art OF TV are two separate fields.

    The Art is what I have learned through years of teaching, research and practice.

    The Science is what has been built through the study of all things Disney and Walt Disney Animation.

    The science is all about storytelling and storytelling is all around us.

    I’ve been teaching this subject since 1995 and have been fortunate to have students come from a variety of backgrounds.

    For me, Disney and The Walt Disney Studios are both a part of my identity, and I think they’ve given me many invaluable skills.

    I have always enjoyed teaching about film and its influence on our culture.

    From my earliest years as a young child, I loved Disney movies and cartoons.

    From the time I was a teenager, I’ve always wanted to be a part the storytelling, making, and creating of those movies.

    I have always had a passion for storytelling.

    I can’t think of a time where my life has been more fulfilling than when I was in the creative process.

    If I could have one piece of advice to aspiring artists, it would be to look at the science of storytelling and think of how the stories you create are going to impact the lives of others.

    When you think about the science behind the stories in your work, you’re going to be able to create something that is meaningful to a broader audience, that you can pass along to your children, and that they will be able appreciate and want to pass along.

    In my mind, this is the art of making a living.

    It’s about getting by and living a life of entertainment, not just the money and fame that come along with being a professional animator or storyteller.

    When I talk about making money, I mean that I am making the right amount of money to be financially secure, not to make a living but to make my life more fulfilling.

    I make a lot of money from a job at Disney and I do it to give back to the community.

    I believe that if I am doing something that helps others, that I should be rewarded for it.

    I also believe that the people who help others in this community have more than just their own needs, they have an obligation to do something to benefit others.

    I want to help the people in my life and I want them to be empowered by the things that I do.

    That’s why I love making movies.

    You can learn more about the Art Of Making Movies at Disney Animation and The Disney Story.