The Netherlands is renowned for its game production and game tobacco products.

    But now the country is trying something different, and it’s quite a unique idea.

    It’s called the “Guitar and Orchestra” and it aims to create a new sport with the same aesthetic as traditional music: a musical instrument.

    It all started with a simple idea: how about using an orchestra to make a game with the most simple of rules?

    And now, for the first time, the Dutch are trying to get the ball into the hands of musicians by using a guitar, according to The Local.

    So how does the orchestra work?

    They start off with the conductor, who, after a short lesson, hands the ball to the players.

    Then they play the ball until they have no more left.

    This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the number of players.

    The idea is to create something that’s simple, yet still has an amazing musical quality.

    The orchestra has already performed at a number of games, but the biggest success has been at the European Championships, where it has performed for four straight years.

    The goal is to play every game with no substitutions.

    The orchestra will be playing for the duration of the competition.

    The idea is not just for the orchestra, though.

    In the Netherlands, it’s also a way to show that you can make a big difference in the world.