Legos are so popular that they are being given a new meaning in the world of games.

    In the latest installment of the Lego series, they have a new title – Lego Game of The Century.

    Lego Game Of The Century is a new game series that will run for eight years.

    The game will have an eight-year lifespan and will feature characters from the Lego universe.

    The series will feature six of the most iconic Lego characters from The Lego Movie and the Lego Movie 2.

    They are the new Lego characters in The Lego Game Of Thrones series.

    The new game will feature the same four Lego characters as The Lego Games series.

    The series is expected to debut on June 24, 2019.

    Check out the Lego Game series trailer below: The new game is set in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones.

    It will take place in the year 2142.

    The Lego Game is set to be a new Lego game series set in a fantasy world where the characters are all familiar faces.

    They have been reborn and the game will be set in this world.

    The first two games in the series – Lego Heroes and Lego Game – are set in 2017.

    The second game is expected for 2018.

    Lego Heroes was released in 2016.

    It is set at the end of the third era of the world, when the Starks ruled.

    The first game was set in 2027 and the second in 2020.

    The series was also released in 2017, but was delayed.

    The sequel, Lego Heroes 2, was released earlier this year.