A new app is coming to the mobile and desktop platforms, Mashable says.

    Mashable’s game-inspired app is a new game-focused app that has been designed to be a complement to the site’s popular game section, the game blog.

    The app, called Mashable Game, will offer players an interactive experience like the popular “Township Game” or the game of “City of Heroes,” as well as other game-related apps like “City Under Siege,” which features a team of “CIVV” zombies, and “City Escape,” which is a game where you have to escape the zombie apocalypse.

    The Mashable game, available now for Android and iOS, will allow players to explore and create games with real-world assets.

    The site says the app is compatible with all platforms, and users can choose from dozens of games and thousands of levels to create their own mashups of popular games.

    The company’s founder, Andrew O’Connor, says the new app will allow users to play games they’ve created and share them on social media.

    It’s not clear if the app will be available for Google Play or Apple’s App Store, or even if it will be integrated with Google’s Google Play Store.

    Mashables first launched the app in 2015.

    The startup was founded by two friends who saw a lot of similarities between games and the way they interact with people.

    “We were looking for a new way to do something like that,” O’Connors tells Mashable.

    “It’s so easy to create something that feels really cool, but still is interactive.

    So it’s really important to us that we make the experience feel really good.”

    Mashable has been using the app for some time, and it has had a big impact on the way people interact with games on the platform.

    In a recent episode of “This Week in Tech,” Mashable editor Chris Stedman described Mashable as a “game” for people to create, with a focus on games as a medium.

    “You can’t really imagine a more diverse community of creators than the gaming community,” Stedmans said.

    O’Brien says the Mashable team is not worried about losing a part of its community. “

    I think the way we see it is that the more people you bring into the mix, the more it feels like a whole, and the more you connect with other people, the better it feels.”

    O’Brien says the Mashable team is not worried about losing a part of its community.

    “There’s going to be people that will come back to it,” he says.

    “But it’s going back to a more general audience that we think will be more comfortable with it.

    It won’t be a huge part of the site for us.”