Microsoft is developing a new game that lets you take your time, play the game, and make your own confetti.

    Called Confetti, the game will be a free app for Windows Phone devices that lets users create their own confederations of birds, animals, and characters from the Halo franchise.

    It’ll also let users send their creations to other users, and share them on social networks.

    Confetti will be free for all Windows Phone owners, but Microsoft will charge $2 per user for ads, and the app will come pre-installed on most Windows Phones.

    Microsoft has been working on the app since last year, and it was announced at Gamescom 2017 last month.

    The app is still in development and has not been released to the public.

    “Confetti is a great way to experience the Halo universe in a new way,” said Andrew J. Zabinski, Microsoft’s vice president of Xbox Live and gaming.

    “Our Halo community is passionate, and we think it’ll be a fun and engaging way to create a new Halo game.”

    The game is expected to release later this year, with a Windows Phone release in 2018.

    Microsoft hasn’t released any information on how Confetti works, or how much money it will cost.

    The Halo franchise is a $300 million worldwide franchise, and has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times.

    “We’re excited to work with the talented developers at Confetti and bring the game to the Windows Phone community,” Microsoft said in a statement.



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