NEW YORK — Parsec Entertainment, makers of the popular turn-based strategy game Battlegrounds, announced today that it has announced “BATTGLING POINT,” an upcoming strategy game set in a world where humanity has been defeated and humanity is fighting for survival.

    The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Microsoft Studios and Parsec’s own online service Parsec Game Studios.

    Parsec founder and CEO Mark Cerny described the game in a blog post as “a dark and gritty story of war, rebellion, and betrayal, in which players must build and maintain a resistance to the growing forces of evil that threaten to overwhelm and destroy the human race.”

    Battling in a game of power is the central theme of “BATTLEGROUNDS,” and players will be able to control the “Vanguard” (a group of powerful military leaders), “Defenders” (military units), “The Order,” or “the elite,” according to the release.

    In the game, players will control either one or two factions.

    Each faction has a distinct leader, and players can choose one of them for their group.

    The “BAND” faction is led by Colonel Vileth, an ambitious leader who believes he is in charge of the entire world.

    Vile is not only a genius tactician, but a leader who understands that the only way to achieve greatness is to sacrifice everything.

    He wants to bring peace to his people, so that all of humanity will have freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

    In contrast, the “DEFENSES” faction views war as the most powerful tool for destruction.

    They believe that war is a tool to destroy humanity, but the truth is that the world is more than a battlefield.

    It is the source of all our power, and the only thing we need to truly live is freedom.

    Parse is the world’s largest publisher of role-playing games, and Parse has been publishing the game for over a decade.

    In an interview with Polygon in December 2017, Cernie described “BADGUYS” as a “strategic, dark, and gritty” game that will “play like an RPG, where the stakes are very high.”

    The game, which is set in the future after the collapse of the Second Empire, is being developed by Parsec and the game’s writer and artist, Alex Lomax.

    It will be published by Parse in 2017.

    The news comes as Parsec has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $200,000 for the development of the game.

    The company’s game has garnered more than 20 million downloads and more than 4.6 million “like” comments, according to a Parsec representative.

    The release date for “BATTLING POINTS” has not yet been announced.

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