A year ago, the Next Generation games had already received a new, revised, and revised sequel.

    That’s not happening anymore, according to The Next Gen Project’s co-founder, Chris Schmid, who has spent the past year working on a new trilogy.

    And with this news, he’s finally given up on making a new game with the same name.

    “I can’t continue to do this forever,” Schmid said.

    “It’s been so hard for us to keep working on it and keeping the team on board.

    I think we’ve gotten pretty close to where we want to be.”

    Schmid has been working on the project since 2013, when he was a teenager and wanted to do something with the franchise that would allow him to see it through to its conclusion.

    He began thinking about the Next Gen series while working on other projects, and he wanted to make something with a unique, original voice and feel.

    “One of the things that I was really excited about was seeing how it all fit together, how the universe felt like, and how you could use a lot of different elements from different worlds,” Schamp said.

    For a decade, the game franchise had been built around the idea of finding and rescuing a starship, and while the Next Generations series had a lot going for it, Schmid found it difficult to get the game’s story to make sense.

    It wasn’t until he was about 25, when Schmid started to play the game with his family, that he realized that the NextGen games had an identity that was more about the players than the game itself.

    The NextGen series was a series of video games made by a company called The Next-Gen Project, which also produced the Card Game, the Star Trek games, and other titles for the Nintendo DS.

    In 2010, The Next Game Project was acquired by Take-Two Interactive and then merged with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

    Take-Time was also involved in the licensing of the Star Wars movies, which were the property of Lucasfilm.

    The idea for the Next-Generation series was to create a game that would focus on exploring the universe, which is why it came together in the first place.

    The franchise was first announced in 2009, but the next installment was delayed.

    In 2016, the studio began work on a third game, which was finally announced in 2017.

    The games focus is different from the first two, however.

    In the original trilogy, the player can explore and rescue a starship in the hopes of finding the answer to the question, “Where is everybody?”

    In the new trilogy, players will be able to explore the galaxy, exploring different planets and finding a new home for their favorite characters.

    The new game’s setting is a different one, but its characters are also very similar to the first game’s characters.

    Take Two announced a game named Next Gen: The Next Generations for a November 2019 release date.

    It will feature characters from the Star Treks and Star Wars films, and the game will feature a single player campaign.

    The game will also include a new storyline called The Storytelling Journey, which will tell the story of the characters in the game and provide some additional insight into their development.

    Schmid says the new game is the culmination of his time working on both projects.

    “This is a game where I can say, ‘Yeah, we did it,'” Schmid told Polygon.

    “Now I have to think of how we can make it more memorable and have the story continue and grow, and also continue the story.

    And that’s really what I’m working on.

    It’s not just making a game, it’s really a series, so I’ve got to think about how to continue it as a series.”

    Next Gen’s director, Matt Hargrave, will continue to work on the franchise, and Schmid is hoping that he’ll be able work with Hargraves on other titles.

    “He’s been great to me,” Schmelt said.

    The first game, released in 2008, was followed by the sequel, Next Gen 2, in 2012, and now, Schmett has plans for the franchise to continue into the future.

    He hopes that Next Gen 3 will also be released in the future, but it’s not clear if it will be a complete overhaul of the franchise.

    The sequel will also feature a brand new Star Trek character named Captain James T. Kirk, and it’s also set to introduce the Star Cruiser Discovery.

    Schmet says that Next-GEN will be “more than just a Star Trek series,” and he’s looking forward to the future of the series.

    “There’s going to be a whole other world, there’s going a whole new generation of people that will have this new franchise,” he said.

    Schmeid has been involved in other projects with The Next Project before, but his work on Next Gen is the first time he has spent a year working with a new studio.