A new review of the upcoming release of the game Battlecruisers 3000AD has hit the web, with many comparing the game to the original Battlecruisers.

    The review comes from the folks at Polygon, who reviewed the game earlier this year and found it to be a strong, engaging experience that’s reminiscent of the first Battlecruises game.

    It’s worth noting, though, that the game’s predecessor was also well-received, with a solid PC release followed by an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release.

    If Battlecruising 3000AD is a solid game that succeeds where the first two failed, it will have a lot of fans and critics alike on its side.

    It also means that Battlecruiseers 3000AD could be coming to a lot more platforms than it was originally intended.

    Check out the review for yourself below.

    Battlecruits 3000AD release date in the UK is set for May 26.