A new book that aims to measure the popularity of the most popular games on the internet has revealed that the best games in the world have been created in the last year, according to an analysis of popular video game videos.

    The new book, which is due to be released in November, shows that video game popularity has gone through a renaissance over the past five years, with the number of gamers increasing from less than 5% in 2013 to nearly 70% today.

    The report by the consultancy MediaGap, which also examined the top five most popular video games in 2018, found that while the majority of gamers play games, the biggest games are also the most-viewed.

    It also reveals that while video game content has grown in popularity in the past year, it is still far from reaching its peak in popularity.

    “With more and more people playing games online, it’s not surprising that video games are becoming more popular,” said MediaGamp chief executive Alex Salisbury.

    “The average viewer spends about seven minutes a day on their smartphones or tablets, so it’s a bit of a surprise that only three games out of the top 10 have seen significant growth in the first five years.”

    That’s partly due to the rise of social media, but there are also a number of factors that could also have contributed to the increase.

    “The company used the numbers from the video game streaming app Twitch to compile its data.”

    We created a list of all the top 50 most watched video games on Twitch and compared it with the average time spent on YouTube,” said Salisbury, “and we calculated how many times people watched each game, and what percentage of their viewing time was spent watching each game.

    “By doing that, we were able to measure how many people were watching each video game at the time, which we then used to calculate the total number of people watching each title.”

    In 2018, the top-selling video game was Destiny: Rise of Iron, with an average viewer spend of 2,734.

    “What we’ve seen across the past few years is a significant increase in the number and amount of people who are spending time watching video games,” he said.

    “While video game viewership has remained relatively steady, it seems there has been a significant surge in the popularity, and more and for better or worse, a surge in video game viewing.”

    MediaGamp’s findings will be of interest to both developers and the gaming community, with video game developers looking to build on what the company has learnt from their experiences.

    “It is not surprising to see more and longer video game clips appearing on Twitch,” said David Eichler, CEO of video game video production company Twitch.

    “However, it was surprising to find that the number that are played the most was Destiny.”

    The report also reveals the growing popularity of social gaming and the rise in popularity of mobile gaming apps, both of which can lead to video game viewers spending longer and more time watching content than they do watching other activities.

    “Social gaming has become the most watched entertainment platform in the country, and it’s driven by the rise and popularity of apps like Facebook Messenger, which allow people to easily chat and share content without having to leave the comfort of their own home,” said Eichlers.

    “As a result, social gaming has taken on an increasingly large share of the video viewing audience, and this is helping to drive the growth of video gaming.”



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