It’s a question everyone asks at some point.

    But with a marathon, what should you play?

    In this post, we take a look at the best marathon games.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of each game?

    How can you best play your marathon?

    Let’s get started!

    Pros: You’ll feel like you’re part of a marathon when you’re on the edge of your seat.

    You’ll get a sense of accomplishment for completing a game.

    You can relax after a marathon.

    Cons: You may not be able to finish everything in a marathon (especially if you’re a newbie) or it may take a while for your brain to adjust to it.

    No game is perfect for marathon play.

    You may have to stop, restart or restart from the beginning to complete the game.

    No matter how you play it, there will be a learning curve and you may not know how to play a game until it’s too late.

    There is no way to finish a marathon and you’re only given a handful of chances to do so.

    Pros: No one is playing the same game.

    It’s your own personal marathon.

    You have the opportunity to do anything you want, including finish your own game.

    Cons : You may get frustrated if you can’t complete a game, especially if you want to finish the game right away.

    It may take some time to get used to the pace and you might have to wait for your turn to start playing again.

    Pros : You’ll spend more time with your friends, which means you’ll get more of an overall social bond.

    You will get to play the game with them and it will feel more like a real game.

    If you’re an experienced player, you will feel rewarded for doing something you enjoy.

    Cons – Some games may require you to restart your game to get it to your desired pace.

    You might be a little slower to finish than others.

    Pros – You’ll be able for longer to play with your friend (though it may not always be possible).

    You’ll also get to try new games, which may not exist at the start.

    Cons:- Some games require you start over if you lose.

    You won’t get the full experience of the game and you’ll be more likely to lose if you start again.

    Cons (1) – If you want a better experience playing, you can play the marathon without any restrictions.

    Pros (1): You can play games in any order.

    You don’t need to play them in a specific order.

    (You could even play them as a game on the same day!)

    (2) – You won (or will get) a sense that you’re playing something really fun.

    You’re playing in a fun way.

    Pros, (2): You’ll find the marathon game experience is not too long.

    You know that your friends are enjoying the game because they’re playing it together.

    Cons, (1)- It may be a bit difficult to tell what game you’re supposed to be playing.

    Pros Cons, (1)- You might have a hard time telling if a game is a marathon or not.

    You’d better be able tell if it’s a marathon without a hint of the difference between a marathon game and a standard game.

    Pros , (1); You won a good feeling and a better feeling than a normal marathon.

    (2); You might not be the most comfortable playing a game if you’ve never played it before.


    (1), (2)- You’ll probably have a good time playing the game as well.


    (3) – It’s hard to tell when you’ve finished a game or not if it takes too long to complete.

    Pros .


    (4) Pros, Cons, .

    (6) Pros.

    Pros Pros, Pros Pros Pros.


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