Tanzanian authorities have been forced to warn customers that the brand’s new Sunscreen-O-Rama product has been linked to a fatal case of pneumonia.

    The brand is already facing a number of health and safety issues.

    The Sunscreen O-Rampa, developed by Tanzania-based Tanzan Pharma, has been a big hit with the public in recent months after it hit the headlines for being among the first sunscreens to contain zinc oxide.

    Zinc oxide is a compound found in sunscreen containing zinc, and is widely used as a sunblock.

    But the ingredient is also used to make tanning beds, making it potentially hazardous for those with compromised immune systems.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in a statement that zinc oxide “may be a cause of sunburn” in 2018, when the Sunscreen Foundation reported a rise in skin cancer cases across the country.

    In the case of Tanzan Pharmaceuticals, however, the company’s product is not zinc oxide but a derivative of zinc oxide, known as zinc chloride.

    The WHO said in a report in 2016 that zinc chloride is “generally considered safe” for people with skin conditions.

    However, it said the additive is more commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

    The watchdog said it is “concerned that Tanzanic authorities may have made the wrong decision” in banning the product from the market, as the sunscreen has not been tested for safety, according to Reuters.

    The agency also pointed out that zinc dioxide is an “active ingredient” in the Sunshield O-Shield Sunscreen that is “not currently available for use on humans”.

    The Sunshield brand of sunscapes also includes a product that contains zinc oxide as well as a zinc sulfate product, according the WHO.

    A Tanzani source told Reuters that the company was aware of the potential health risks posed by the new sunscreen but had decided not to take the risk.

    “We do not want to be part of the public health disaster,” the source said.

    “I have already asked them to withdraw the product,” he added.

    The source also said that the new Sunshield-Oampara product had not been distributed to consumers, but it is not clear when it will be available to consumers.

    In a statement to Reuters, Tanzan Medical and Science Centre said the company “has been informed by the WHO and has been testing the new product”.

    “We will continue to monitor the safety and efficacy of the product and its distribution.”

    Sunscreen-Os products are often used by Tanzians to protect their skin from UV rays and sunburn, according Tanzan Health, which is the country’s health ministry.

    The company said in its statement that the products are “made from the same ingredients as the products used in the previous products”, adding that it has already tested the new products on volunteers and found them to be safe.

    The government has not yet said whether it will ban the new line of products or take other steps to ensure safety.

    Earlier this week, Tanzi police confirmed that a Tanzanese man was arrested after being charged with manslaughter and manslaughter in the death of his wife in July.

    He was accused of suffocating his wife to death in her apartment, according a statement by Tanzimama Health.

    The man, identified as Zimran, allegedly suffocated her after being told by his wife that she would die if she didn’t stop taking the Sunscreens, according local media.

    A doctor told Tanzan News Agency the couple’s four children, ages 13 to 14, had complained of fever and dizziness since the couple had stopped using the Suncos.