Bullfrog Productions is a new independent studio focused on making games that are different.

    This new studio, known as Bullfrog Games, has already made games like the recently released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a role-playing game with a focus on exploration and adventure.

    The studio is currently looking to make a new project, but there’s no word on when that project will be released.

    The Bullfrog games have received a mixed reception from critics.

    One reviewer wrote that Bullfrog’s games are “pretty good” and another praised their “good gameplay and story,” but noted that the “bad” parts of the games “are not well-rounded.”

    A review by GameSpot called Bullfrog a “bit of a slog” that didn’t have enough depth.

    Bullfrog Games has created a few AAA games for Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, including The Witcher III: Wild Hunters, a first-person role-play game that takes place in a fantasy world with swords and magic.

    The game has received mixed reviews from critics, with GameSpot calling it “poorly written and poorly designed.”

    The studio also released an RPG called Wild Hunt: Journey of the Cursed King that was delayed in 2015, and The Witcher: Legends: Legends of the Wild was canceled after just two weeks.

    The Witcher 3 is currently the third-highest selling game in PlayStation 3 history, with more than 6 million copies sold in the United States.

    It has also been a major success for Bullfrog.

    Bullfrog produced The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which was released in October, and the first installment in the Witcher series, The Witcher 1: Enhanced Edition, which launched in October of last year.

    Bullfly also made the first-ever licensed adventure game, The Cursed King, for PlayStation 3 in December 2015.