GameRankings, a game site that aggregates and analyzes scores of millions of users, is offering an analysis of which games are popular with its users.

    According to the report, popular games like Destiny and The Sims 4 are the most popular, followed by Minecraft, which it ranks #1.

    This week, it also listed the top 10 most played games on its site.

    The game has also been ranked by its community, ranking #8.

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    “These are the top rated games of 2017.

    You may have noticed that they all have similar gameplay.

    These games are great fun, with multiple levels, unique art styles, and the ability to play on multiple devices,” the report reads.

    “The Sims 4 is a popular game that players love, and they love playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.”

    The report also highlights the popularity of Minecraft, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Minecraft: The Story Mode.

    The report notes that the popularity for these games is not related to any particular genre, but rather, is the result of the game’s content and community.

    “It seems Minecraft is the number one game among its community and players, and Story Mode is the next best-selling game among all players,” the game notes.

    “Players are spending more time and money on these games than the average gamer.

    In fact, it’s been reported that the average player spends a total of 3.6 hours per month on Minecraft and 7.2 hours on Story Mode.”

    GameRankings says that it has also ranked which games have the highest number of subscribers.

    The top games in this category are Battlefield 4, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Destiny 2.

    The number of users is the key factor that determines which games make the top ten.

    According a recent survey, Destiny has a 99 percent subscriber rating and Battlefront has a 100 percent subscriber rate.

    In the end, the top games of this year have not been any particular genres or genres of games.

    They have been popular games with loyal players.

    The Top 10 games of 2018 have been Minecraft, Destiny, and Star Wars: Battlefront.

    It’s also worth noting that these games were released over the past six months.