RTE has apologised for the decision to include the “Dunk” line in its Game of the Year programme, and says it’s “deeply sorry” for any offence caused.

    The broadcaster said that “in hindsight we should have taken a bit more time to think about the choice of words” and “we regret this”.

    It’s the first time in recent history that the RTV series has won a Game of Thrones award.

    The show was nominated for its role in the 2016 Dunk campaign.

    The “Dug” line was a reference to the Dunk & Marsh campaign, in which Dunkers and Marshmallows were filmed in the same location and featured the same characters.

    “It was our first ever Dunk campaign and we’ve always tried to be respectful to Dunk fans, and the campaign was a very unique one,” said a spokesperson for the broadcaster.

    “We want to give our fans a very special moment, and to recognise the amazing work that went into the campaign, and for that we apologise for the language we used.”

    “It’s not the first Dunk campaign we’ve done, but it’s the only one that we’ve won an award for,” said the spokesperson.

    “The RTE is deeply sorry for any language we may have used during the Dunk campaign.”

    RTE also said that it will be releasing a “Duck” video for the next Game of The Year on its YouTube channel.



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