An “industry veteran” who has worked with the videogame industry for 25 years has launched a new venture in Colombia to make a range of videogames for local production.

    Key points:The new company will make a variety of videogame products for local distributionColombian games producer Carlos Pacheco, who has helped develop games for such companies as Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and EA, says the company has “big plans”The project aims to “make games in Colombia with a passion for the local industry”.

    Mr Pachec says his company, Game Production Company, has been “working with the game production industry in Colombia for years”.

    The business model for the company, which is based in Colombia’s capital Bogota, is “a lot different than what most people are familiar with” he said.

    “In Colombia, the videogames market is very fragmented, with no one company controlling a monopoly on a market,” he said, adding that the business model was different to other “traditional” videogame companies in Colombia.

    “What we’re going to do is bring the best of what the industry has to offer to the local market,” Mr Pachecu said.

    He said the aim was to make videogames that could “be enjoyed by Colombians in a way that they can’t currently enjoy, without being forced to spend a lot of money”.

    “Our mission is to give them a choice and allow them to have the right game to enjoy for their own family and to the people in the neighbourhood,” he added.

    Colombia’s economy is struggling to recover from the global economic crisis and corruption scandals.

    The government has made several efforts to address the issue of corruption and a lack of investment in the sector.

    The country has seen a number of scandals involving government officials and the media, including allegations of corruption involving the state oil company and the country’s biggest telecommunications company.

    The new venture will be a joint venture between Mr Pachesco and his former partner, an industrial engineer, Juan Carlos.

    The business has been formed in the wake of the collapse of the former Colombian government, which collapsed in 2014.

    Mr Pachuc said he had been told that the new venture would be able to “win out over” other videogame producers in the country.

    He believes that he and his partners will be able “to produce a product that will appeal to the Colombian market”.

    “In terms of quality and design, it’s very much a game production company,” Mr Kuehner said.

    “The only problem is the cost of production and distribution.”‘

    Game Production company’In Colombia the industry is fragmented and “big problems” exist, Mr Kueshner said, pointing to the fact that “many people in Colombia do not have access to basic videogame consoles” due to a lack “of basic information”.

    “We want to bring the videogaming experience that Colombia has to the rest of the world, and we will use the expertise of a number, if not all, of our members, to produce the best quality videogames in the world,” Mr Sarto said.

    The two men are also seeking investors.

    The initiative aims to raise “at least US$1 million for production”, he said.(ABC News: John Gress)”It is also about creating a business that is going to be able compete with some of the big players in the videogamery industry.”

    The two are also looking for investors, and hope to raise the money through a crowdfund.

    Mr Kueshner said he would be the one to run the project.

    “We’re in it for the long haul,” he told reporters.

    “It’s a passion project for me.

    It’s the type of thing that I’m passionate about.”



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