Gama products company has released a new game for the KFK Beauty Box in which the players have to create a product using their own body parts.

    The game is called ‘KFK Fashion’, and you have to recreate a beauty product with your own body part by hand.

    This was done through the use of a 3D printer, so the player’s body can be customized to match their own.

    In the game, the player will have to select the colour, size, shape and size of the product, which can also be edited.

    The player can also use their own facial features to complete the product.

    In the game KFJ Beauty Box, the user has to use a plastic bag to put on a makeup.

    You have to carefully arrange your body parts so that they all fit into the bag, and you also have to wear eye makeup and other items for extra protection.

    Players will also have the option to have their hair styled using the 3D printed facial design.

    The user has also to put the product on the back of their hand so that it can fit inside the bag.

    The app is available on the Google Play store for Rs. 1.9 lakh.