Production time.

    The time it takes to complete a project and ship the finished product.

    We can’t measure production, but we know that the average developer spends 2 hours a day on their game.

    That’s why we know there are so many games out there with no end in sight.

    And that’s why this week at PAX, we’re introducing a new reward to celebrate the work of our talented team.

    The Art of the Game Art is our way of celebrating the game we love.

    This year, we’ve spent the first half of 2017 creating more art for the game and we’re proud to present the first two-part reward.

    A Game Art Bundle includes a $1,000 pledge to the game that you’re currently playing, a $3,000 reward to upgrade to the Art of The Game Expansion Pack, and a $5,000 Art of Game Bundle.

    The game is currently in development and we’d love to hear what you think of the rewards, so let us know!

    The Art Of The Game Expansions We’ve created a series of new rewards for our supporters to play with.

    You can now play with an expansion pack that includes the game’s most memorable characters, locations, and locations.

    The $10,000 Reward The $20,000 Challenge The $30,000 Bundle The $40,000 Stretch Goal The $50,000 Expansion The $100,000 Upgrade The $150,000 Game of the Year Reward The Art & Animation Bundle is a game art set with everything you need to paint the most badass characters, the most hilarious scenes, and the most epic battles.

    It’s ready for use right out of the box, and you can pick up it at the $1 tier or upgrade to any level of your pledge.

    The Game Of The Year Bundle is the ultimate gift for any game fan.

    It includes a full-color, high-resolution, full-sized game art print of the game from the Art Of the Game expansion pack, as well as a free digital version of the Art & Animated game.

    If you’d like to customize your reward, we also offer customizations for all tiers of your reward.

    The full set includes: A full-size copy of the first game from our game art series.

    A print of your favorite character from our Art Of Game art series, in full color.

    A digital copy of Art Of game, the game art book that you can use to make your own personalized artwork for the Art And Animated game, with a free download.

    An Art Of print of a game from an Art Of video, and our first ever art print to be available on Kickstarter.

    A signed signed print of our game design, and your name will appear on the back of the print.

    A limited edition Art Of poster, featuring a character from your favorite game from Art Of, or any other game from this series.

    The Kickstarter exclusive art poster from Art of your choice.

    And finally, we’ll give you one of the world’s most iconic Game Of the Year posters from a famous Game of Thrones actor.

    A Limited Edition Game Of Your Choice poster of your choosing.

    The first 100 backers will receive the Art&Animation Bundle and the Art+Game Bundle.

    In addition to these rewards, we will also be offering an Art+Art+Game reward tier, where you’ll get all three tiers of the reward plus the Art.

    If we hit our $30k stretch goal, we can make all of our rewards even more exclusive.

    The Limited Edition Art Of Your choice poster is an original artwork that will be a physical representation of your Art of choice poster.

    If our campaign is successful, the limited edition art poster will be available for purchase at PAX West.

    And the Art Bundle will be ready for release on June 29th!

    Get the Art, Art, And Animation Bundle today!

    We’re excited to have you join our team at PAX.

    See you in person!